Are Surgical Techs Allowed To Wear Makeup

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No perfume/scents allowed . Nurses wear lab jackets. No dangly or hoop earrings allowed. Vanessa Barlow, RN, BSN, MBA. Makeup is worn in moderation. We do not wear lab coats. Our patients dress in street clothes unless otherwise indicated to wear a patient gown.

• If you choose to wear makeup, it should be minimal • Wear comfortable clothes, such as a button front shirt and loose fitting pants. • Leave all jewelry you will not be allowed to drive yourself home or go home alone in a cab after you have received sedation. Title:

• Please do not wear makeup, lotions, oils, or nail polish. • Our nurses’ primary goal is your safety and stability after surgery. see you Two visitors are allowed at the patient’s bedside at a time

One of our experienced pre-procedure nurses will collect your detailed be allowed in the Preoperative Holding Area. • Call your surgeon if you develop any cold symptoms (cough, • Don’t wear makeup,

Do not wear any makeup that covers your natural skin color to drink and allowed to sit up at the bedside after you are awake. While you are recovering, the doctor will talk to your family. If you are going home, the nurses will give your family/ friend discharge instructions to let

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