Are Surgical Techs Licensed

Surgical Assistant Practice New York, California, Washington, Connecticut, and New Jersey have prohibitions on the licensed by the board as either a doctor of medicine, 13 doctor of osteopathy, or doctor of podiatric medicine and

Source: ASA Surgical Assistants must be licensed in the District of Columbia. Qualifications of applicants: An individual applying for a license to practice as a surgical assistant shall establish to the

Demand for RN jobs among the highest (~9,500), although growth rate among the lowest (~4.3%) 21% of new Health practitioner support techs include dietetic techs, pharmacy techs, psych techs, respiratory techs, surgical techs.

• Surgical Techs 4.7% 1.5% demand for finite supply of workers.

Surgical techs 2,487 2,844 14% 30% $21.97 Source: EMSI Complete Employment – 4th Quarter 2009. Where are the “Hot Jobs”? ENERGY & UTILITIES TRANSPORTATION • High-demand careers fact sheets • Online PowerPoint presentations on industries

Factors affecting the demand for Surgical Technologists include the growing number and complexity of surgical procedures, What is the next logical step up the career ladder for Surgical Techs? o Higher levels of Surgical Tech o Surgical Tech II, who is able to scrub open heart (2

Travel companies who recruit surgical techs usually require 1 year of work experience as a Surgical Tech. (high demand specialties include Orthopedics, CardioVascular, Neuro, and Eyes just to name a few), you may have the

1 Radiology and nuclear medicine techs are licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency; Surgical techs are licensed bythe Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation . Jobs in 2012 Expected Growth by 2022 Yearly Openings Entry Level Wage Mid-Level

16 States With RN Supervision Language as it relates to Surgical Techs working in Hospitals Last Update 1/24/2013 STATE CITATION STATUTORY LANGUAGE RN SUPERVISION Surgical technicians and licensed practical nurses may serve as scrub nurses under the direct supervision of a registered

Surgical Technologists (Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook) Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses Medical assistants. Sources of Additional Information For additional information on a career as a surgical

Laser Specialists • Laser Techs • Licensed Graduate Social Workers • Licensed Independent RN Plastic Surgical Nurses • Seating Practitioners • Speech-Language Pathologists • Surgical Assistants Surgical Techs • Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurses Key Contacts Credentialing:

licensed provider such as an RN or LPN I the room in addition to the nurse anesthetist or can surgical techs who have graduated from an approved program or certified medical assistants suffice (in addition to the CNRA)? We always have 3 staff