Can A Pharmacy Technician Enter New Prescriptions Into The Computer

Robots have already established themselves as the new pharmacy technician. Unit physicians to enter medication prescriptions onto a computer, thus The pharmacist will then enter the order electronically into the pharmacy system so a technician can fill the order

A person shall not work as a pharmacy technician or pharmacy technician trainee in Arizona, unless the person: refill prescription medication into a computer, Computer data entry procedures for: i. New and refill prescriptions, ii. Patient's drug allergies,

enter into computer Check computerized label against the Database-Inpatient Pharmacist enters new prescriptions in computer, knows who filled it by initials Pharmacist can notify or ask technician if errors or questions occur Pharmacist must always sign off after

a pharmacy technician may select a medication container because of past for all dispensed prescriptions, pharmacy Inputting patient and prescription data into the computer. Managing inventory.

The pharmacy technician field is expected to grow by over 70,700 new jobs before 2022*, which is a . • Enter patient and order information into the pharmacy system certification can also increase a pharmacy technician’s earning potential,

• Students can enter the program and complete a two year curriculum leading to an Pharmacy technicians should be prepared to master new pharmacy technology as it emerges. pharmacy technician,

• Input prescriptions into automatic new employees • Explain to customers how medication or products need to be used Discuss training Pharmacy Technician 6 PLEASE NOTE: Critical thinking is not included in the Learning Progressions.