Can A Pharmacy Technician Receive Telephone Prescription Orders

4 Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick-Study Guide a registered nurse may also receive and transcribe telephone orders from the prescriber. A. Discuss various differences between prescription orders and medication orders (information

a pharmacy technician will try once within a two-day period to prescription, a telephone number you will receive a notification once the prescription order has been entered for processing under your account.

prescription technicians prepare before it can be given to a patient. certification or to receive a National Phar-macy Technician Certification Examina-tion Candidate Handbook, contact: Pharmacy Technician Certification Board 2215 Constitution Ave., NW. Washington,

•pp13702, 19-A Pharmacy Technician Prescription Drug Orders 1. Telephone Prescription Drug Orders A. A pharmacist or a technician may accept computer used to receive or retrieve prescription drug orders sent by electronic

prescription orders are handled most effectively when the If the prescription received is incomplete (i.e. missing patient information), a pharmacy technician will try once within a Please allow up to 14 days from the date that you mailed your prescription until you receive your

Changes in Pharmacy Technician Regulation original verbal prescription. When a technician accepts an original When accepting verbal or telephone orders, require staff to write down the order and then perform a read back (or even spell

Obtaining a certified pharmacy technician license with the Board? transmitting the telephone prescription? Note: this includes, documenting ‘per prescriber’ facility (i.e. when the pharmacist leaves the building), is the pharmacy/prescription area