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A pharmacy technician’s registration renewal for calendar year 2014 will not be issued that the technician completes a continuing education program approval form, obtainable U.S. Pharmacist Title:

continuing education; 1 hour of pharmacy law. A pharmacy technician is an individual working in a pharmacy who, under the supervision of the licensed pharmacist, assists in pharmacy activities that

INFORMATION ON BECOMING A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Here’s what you need to do to become registered as a pharmacy technician in BC. completed an accredited pharmacist degree program in Canada or the

When can I begin working as a pharmacy technician or technician trainee? pharmacist, and pharmacy may be subject to disciplinary actions. Is there a fee to become registered as a pharmacy technician or pharmacy technician trainee? Yes

The Pharmacy Technician 4th Edition Created by Dr. Bisrat Hailemeskel, Overseen by board of pharmacy/ To become a pharmacist involves: Graduation from an accredited college of pharmacy. Passing a state board certification examination.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIAN LICENSE . YOU MUST SATISFY ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR LICENSURE AT THE TIME OF This form must be completed by the university, college, school, or pharmacist (The person who must complete this form will depend on how the applicant is qualifying

UAE Pharmacist & Technician –Pharmacist Licensure UAE Pharmacy license is granted in 2 stages: 1. Passing full Pharmacy examinations and 2. Granting Approval pharmacy license by Pharmacy Committee in UAE Ministry

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In your CE account folder immediately. prescription for safety and intended use. The pharmacist also should gather the formula- She asks if flavoring can be added. The pharmacy technician checks with the pharmacy’s flavoring system manual and learns the medication

The pharmacist/technician team can be an exceptional combination for delivering pharmaceutical care. CE3. T ECH T ALK • C E References 1. If you have any questions. Please contact: Pharmacy Practice,

To improve the pharmacy technician’s ability to help patients regarding the prevention and treatment of cough, cold and flu, to the pharmacist for counseling. TechnicianCE LEsson. september/october 2012 • 4

ACPE Definition of Continuing Education for the Profession of Pharmacy Approved October 2006, Pharmacist competencies. Pharmacy Technician Competencies. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)