Can I Transfer My Pharmacy Technician License To Another State

I passed the NAPLEX already and I am licensed in another state, how can I reciprocate my license? I am scheduled to take the NAPLEX examination for another state and would like to transfer my score to California. security number is still required before a license can be issued. Title:

License Transfer. Must have . FPGEC . certification . Both are . required . 1500 hours . Applicants . another state. NY does not accept hours that are required to obtain the degree. Washington State Pharmacy . Quality Assurance . Commission . P.O. Box 47852 . Olympia,

Pharmacist by Examination/Score Transfer Do not return the following informational pages with your If you hold or have held a professional license in another state or jurisdiction, HELD A PROFESSIONAL LICENSE. Includes pharmacy technician, pharmacy intern,

Pharmacy Technician or If you hold or have held a professional license in another state or jurisdiction, you must submit Transfer Examinations taken Disciplinary action(s) against your license, if any

Have you ever held a pharmacist license, pharmacy technician registration or intern certificate? ____ *YES ____ NO or that I am a licensed pharmacist in another state applying fund transfer from your account,

How do I transfer my NAPLEX score? Can a licensed pharmacist in another state practice as an intern in Oregon? OAR 855-019-0130 and 855-019 or restrict a pharmacist, intern, or technician license for various reasons, such as; unprofessional conduct, violating a pharmacy or drug

In New Jersey or another state. After license renewal is completed, New Jersey Board of Pharmacy – State News Editor Carmen A. Catizone, MS, RPh, DPh 2005, whereby she voluntarily surrendered her pharmacy license