Can Surgical Techs Wear Nail Polish

About whether or not techs can wear nail polish while on duty. Here is AST’s RSOP regarding this issue. However, it is recommended that fingernail polish should not be worn by surgical personnel. A. Chipped fingernail polish may support microbial

• Label all containers so that nail salon workers can easily identify the contents. HEN SHOULD NAIL SALON WORKERS WEAR DUST MASKS? • Nail polish, powder for artificial nails: A :

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Neither nail polish nor artificial nails shall be worn. Personnel are required to wear surgical attire and cover all head and facial hair. secretions or excretions. All primary scrub techs will wear eye protection.

Through large particulate droplets expelled from coughing, sneezing, or even talking. Rubella, Mumps, Influenza Surgical Students and Techs are the eye Infection Control per JCAHO Fingernail Compliance No more than ¼ inch long No artificial nails No chips on nail polish

The best possible medical and surgical care at reasonable rates to all sick and lab techs, physicians, ALL members of our team. We are all in this together; Females may wear nail polish as long as it blends

Nail polish may be worn exclusive of nail art in accordance with department Includes RNs/CNAs/techs on Medical surgical, ICU, ED,SDS, GI pharmacy techs, HUCs, telemetry techs . All clinical staff will wear scrubs: (OR and OB wear hospital supplied scrubs) • That are not tight or

Nail polish use may be restricted according to some individual department policies. Behavioral Services Techs, CNAs, OB Techs, and Paramedics: Scrub pants and warm-up jackets: Surgical Services: Scrub pants: Hospital green. Warm-up jackets: