Crime Scene Investigation School

Crime Scene Investigation • Prevented contamination of evidence • Used proper techniques for packaging Record of Evidence • Maintained a record of evidence

Crime Scene Investigation High School Gold Brittany Gustave, Brianna Hill, Carianne Vanadale Treasure Coast High School Port St. Lucie, FL Silver Ricardo Juez, Shanal Hamilton,

FORENSICS CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION COMPETITION!!!!! This competition will provide a hands-on interdisciplinary educational event for high school students.

CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION . Clothing Requirements Official light blue SkillsUSA work shirt, Supplied by host school: 1. Crime Scene 2. Paper and plastic evidence collection bags 3. Crime scene tape 4. Measuring wheel and tape measure .

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and Forensic Files are resonating with students, especially those at the middle and high school level. Science teachers are capitalizing on this interest and using it to immerse students in science learning.

Addressing the high school benchmark which states that “wavelengths can Just as the presence or absence of water and the soil silicate content was important to your CSI team as you analyzed the crime scene, investigation.

On Wednesday, September 19, School Resource Officer (SRO), Deputy Waylon Pollema and Deputy Tony Reitsma, Criminal Investigator for the Sheriff’s Office held a crime scene investigation (CSI) demonstration for

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