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Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) West Summer Camp…………………….. 103 Asheboro City Schools GEAR UP The mission of the GEAR UP initiative is to accelerate the academic achievement of

The North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services and • Crime scene investigation, Admission to all Institute of Government schools & conferences is without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national

Electronic Crime Scene i Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders Written and Approved by the Technical Working Group for

Enhance the Forensic Science learning and teaching in schools in your state. Through adhering to the TEKS break outs for Forensic Science, in the crime scene investigation shows, find that they can carry out simulations of these investigations right in their high school laboratories.

SFS1 c. Determine the proper techniques to search, isolate, collect, and record physical and trace evidence. d. Evaluate the relevance of possible evidence at the site of an investigation.

Forensic Entomology – the study of insects & their relation to a crime scene investigation. Forensic Odontology – regards the identification of remains too badly decomposed via dental examination. Forensic Engineering

OCEAN COUNTY SCIENCE CURRICULUM Forensic Science: Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection Unit Content Area: Forensic Science Unit Title: Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection

Physical evidence is collected from a crime scene that includes the victim's body and the surrounding area of the crime. Contrary to popular belief, The forensic engineer offers engineering investigation services directed toward insurance adjusters, attorneys, and manufacturers.

Professional schools. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES physical samples, crime scene investigation, and evidence documentation; c.) Provides basic knowledge of proper crime scene procedures and evidence processing that includes proper

Incident/Investigation Report, Continuation Page and Supplementary Investigation Report. Hours: Twelve time to reconstruct the crime scene, thereby presenting the Report crimes in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes and

Numbr of Crime Scene Investigation calls 2,884 Number of Polygraph Exams 200 Library Main Library 1 Branches 6 Facilities and Services not Included in the Reporting Entity Education Number of elementary schools 53 Number of middle schools 15 Number of senior high schools 11 Number of

Schools Student Enrollment: 385 By Division: 7. Crime Scene Investigation (1/3) NC Coastal Marine Biology (1/3) Anatomy (1/3) Environmental Science (1/3) Social Sciences North Carolina Community Colleges 8 North