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New Jersey State Department of Education. Crime Scene Investigation, Space Exploration 4. Marking Period Topics: The Environment (Endangered Species, Alternative specific scene from the novel and it must convey a tone. 7.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit – dispatches specially trained personnel to the crime scene to collect and preserve physical evidence. NJ 07458 FORENSIC SCIENCE An Introduction By Richard Saferstein * 1-* PRENTICE HALL ©2008 Pearson Education, Inc. Upper Saddle River,

2.3.4 Digital Crime Scene Investigation phases The goal is to collect and analyze the digital evidence that was obtained from the physical investigation phase and through any other future means. It includes similar phases as the Physical Investigation phases

Equipment can salvage the investigation if physical evidence is not recognized and correctly collected and preserved. •Anyone who enters the crime scene can alter or change the scene and its evidence •Access should be limited to crime scene

Physical Evidence ♦ Something at the scene of the crime that links the perpetrator to the crime. ♦ Objective and remains the same for each

Examines the earth’s components when important to the crime scene investigation History of Forensics Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Fictional character –Sherlock Holmes The character, Sherlock Holmes, Auburn City Schools Other titles:

Mount Laurel Township Schools HMS Electives Curriculum CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Stage 1 – Desired Results

Position as a crime scene investigator money that should have been secured as evidence in an ongoing murder investigation. As a crime scene investigator, Cosgrove was required to process and photograph crime New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation (SCC). As part of its regular duties

All-Hazards Emergency Planning For Schools Classroom 01/2006-12/2006 16 Hour(s) NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE Crime Scene Investigation School Classroom 01/2006-12/2006 24 Hour(s)

University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall Universi- Schools Closed 21 Financial Aid Mtg. 7:00 p.m. NHS Aud. Forensic science technicians working in crime scene investigation earned $52,960.

It must be emphasized that the techniques of crime-scene investigation are not difficult to master and certainly lie within the bounds of comprehension of the average NJ 07458 FORENSIC SCIENCE An Introduction By Richard Saferstein 1-* PRENTICE HALL ©2008 Pearson Education, Inc

Vineland Public Schools. Vineland, NJ. 2012. Vineland Board of Relate Forensic Physics to the criminal justice system and the logistics of the state of New Jersey. Lab II: Crime Scene Investigation- Deductive Reasoning. Summative – Unit 1: Section A Test. Other assessment measures