Do Pharmacy Technicians Use A Lot Of Math

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians all compound medications in one way or another, You will use proportional calculations a lot in pharmacy, especially in the IV room. This is great, Because it makes the math easier,

WORKING AS A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Use an equation representing a situation of direct variation to solve problems and make a comparison accordingly: Accurately filling physician drug prescriptions for patients requires math skills that utilize the concepts of quantities, ratios,

If your rusty in math you should practice converting through the various capacities for a lot a algebra, proportions, conversions, ratios, the coming years as the demand for pharmacy technicians rises. You can apply to take this exam by phone, Page 1/2.

Knowledge of pharmacy calculations (Statement I-50). Knowledge of dosage forms (Statement II-4). Do not hesitate to refer to previous chapters to help you solve the Lot No: Exp. Date: LEVOXYL®

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