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• Certified Audio Technician Training • EASE Type of installation: Multi-zone, source selectable, audio system for restaurant Aerobic and Yoga rooms audio systems Name of Client: Winnebago County Expo Center – Oshkosh, WI

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Henderson and Mary Kimble lead a group in aerobic dance. assessment of themselves and the effects of their training program. For many, such things as adjusting your target heart zone or providing an update on your optimal

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Each THR zone is based on a specific percentage of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). A level is considered an exercise recovery heart rate because the metabolism should be functioning efficiently at an aerobic When incorporating this zone in your cardio training on a

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Finally, I will review current research that provides evidence for training by heart rate during long endurance training sessions, versus training by power or pace. Principles of Heart Rate Monitor Training •Serotta Certified Bike Fit Technician

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è When we do training heart rate in class it is taken for 10 seconds. This you are probably not getting adequate oxygen and are therefore probably above your target zone! Modifying aerobic exercise intensity: A trained technician should perform this assessment.

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Performed by a qualified service technician. If service is required, please contact your 2 My Zone Heart Rate Control, Body Mass Analysis Speed Range .5 – 10 MPH Aerobic Training Range

Decreased RHR a. With consistent exercise (as few as three months of regular aerobic training), Sites for women: triceps, suprailium, and thigh 6) Should be repeated by the same technician during Warm-up b. Target heart-rate zone training c. Cool-down 3) Monitoring