Xray Technician Course

Registered X-Ray Technician means a person who is registered with the department, and who applies ionizing radiation (limited scope of practice) at the direction of a

Applies only to occupational workers – individuals exposed in course of their work. Does not include background radiation, medical administration to the worker, or other exposures as a member of the public. X-ray Technician Refresher Training

Proprietary & Confidential May 9, 2014 X-ray Technician . Seeking X-ray Technician who will report to the X-ray Supervisor . Qualifications:

Important Notice: Chiropractic x-ray technician registration is mandatory if you handle x-ray equipment in the process of applying radiation on a human being for diagnostic purposes.

Developed for the . Department of Environmental Protection. Bureau of Radiation Protection. Refresher Training for . X-Ray Equipment Operators . Presented by

Basic X-Ray Technician (X-RAY), Diploma The purpose of the Basic X-Ray Technician program is to prepare the student for the position of Course No. Course Name Credit Hours MED 116 Allied Health Fundamentals 3 MED 115 Medical Terminology I 3

South Dakota Healthcare Workforce Center Clipart from Clipartheaven.com A doctor. A physical therapist. An x-ray technician. A dental hygienist.

HEALTH SCIENCES RADIOGRAPHY (XRAY) ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE (A.A.S.) DEGREE See course descriptions at the back of the catalog for details. RECOMMENDED COURSE SEQUENCE: First semester: XRAY 1010, 1110 PSYC 2010; XRAY 1220, 1130, 1910, 1230